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Conception Project

First step
Preparation is the feasibility study phase, and all the elements are gathered together to find out if the GO is being given: need identification, concept definition, budgeting, and planning.
Second step
We build the project until the day of the event: framing, selection of service providers, anticipation of unforeseen events ... and we realize the event.
Last step
Do not forget ! Once the event is completed, we capitalize on the know-how put in place by archiving all the documents and evaluate our event and our project phase in order to make recommendations for the future. Finally, the project ends once the post-event communication has been made. It's important to keep in touch with participants, providers, stakeholders and thank everyone ... it's the image of the company that is also at stake!

Réalisation du Projet

The closing phase of the project is the last and most important phase of the project. In addition to giving the team the opportunity to make all the latest updates, it allows for rigorous evaluation of all project activities and their results, as stated in the knowledge areas of the project. PGPThis assessment covers all performance objectives that have been achieved, exceeded or not achieved. In addition, the continuous improvement process is a very useful method of highlighting successes and shortcomings throughout the life of the project.

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