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Do you prefer to receive at home or elsewhere? Regardless of the event, the tents are a wonderful solution, not only to expand the available space, but also to offer your character and exclusivity reception. Khelcom Bâches offers rental, sale and repair of event tents. For your weddings, baptisms, fairs or any other ceremony in the private or professional setting, the Khelcom Bâche team offers you practical, functional and flexible marquees of different models, sizes and designs to make your event unforgettable.

Hexagonal tents

Hexagonal Tents are high-end tents featuring high quality materials of unparalleled strength, ingenious workmanship and attractive design for incredible outdoor entertaining.

Rectangular tents

Les chapiteaux rectangulaires constituent le cadre idéal pour la plupart des événements privés ainsi que des événements professionnels.



Hexagonal tents
3 ou 5 mètres3 ou 5 m

Rectangular tents
Au choix05 à 60 m

Mixtes tentes
Au choix06 à 40 m

Arcum tente
Au choix10 à 40 m

02 à 12 m02 à 12 m

Au choix05 à 60 m

Stands Syma System
Au choixAu choix