Leader of Tarpaulins
Cité LOBAT FALL, Pikine
Lun-Sam: 09:00 - 17:00

Our demountable stands meet international standards and have proven themselves in many prestigious events and ceremonies. Because of their robustness and efficiency, they allow spectators to have good visibility while remaining on reasonable heights. The floors consist of a steel structure covered with a 21mm single or marine wood plywood anti-slip. They are flexible and can be adapted to all kinds of events. Their simple handling makes their use and setting up fast with all types of configuration.


Khelcom Bâches offers you a "Practicable" podium rental service. Our podiums are flexible and adapt to your private and public events.



The platforms are easy to use, their assembly and disassembly is very fast regardless of the type of configuration you choose. With these floors you have the possibility to realize platforms of several ranks. Dimensions are available on request.


 Podiums livrés et installés sur place

 Diverses dimensions sur demande (carrées, rectangulaires)

 de 15 cm à 1 m de haut

Jupe d’entourage – moquette